Our Research Capabilities

  • Advanced Electronic Design: reconfigurable analog electronics (ie. filters) , mm-wave PAs

  • Measurement and Test:  Wide band-gap semiconductor device characterization and modeling,  Microwave, millimeter wave and sub-THz component, circuit and subsystem measurement , modeling and test

  • Embedded System: Device Authentication and signal characterization

Asia Mason

DoD IASP Scholar

Research Interests: Device Authentication using RFDNA for Home Automation IOT devices

Shaynee Contee

Doctoral Scholars in Engineering

Research Interests: Reconfigurable Bandpass Filters design for spectrum management

in SDRs

Surya Khanal

Research Interests: Sub-THz device measurement and characterization, PA deisgn

Doctoral Students

Kevin Johnson

Research Interests: Sub-Thz measurement and device modeling

German Cortes

Research Interests: mm-wave transceiver design for advanced communications

Undergraduate Students

Jordan Joines
John Blalock


  • Dr. Dontae Ryan

  • Dr. Caroline Waiyaki (CERDEC)

  • Surya Khanal (pursuing Doctorate at Morgan State)

  • Ryan Banks ( pursuing PhD at Virginia Tech)

  • Asia Mason (pursuing Doctorate at Morgan State)

  • Delonte Hankerson

  • Donovan Dobson

  • Odeneho Anaman ( Navair)

  • Johann Richter

  • Orlando Walker (NSA)

  • Vincent Djifo

  • Luis Burbano (BOEING)

  • Dr. Eric Seabron ( Northrop Grumman)